About me

Alfred Gjura

About me

My name is Alfred Gjura, i was born in Greece in 1993 and now i am a permanent resident of Copenhagen. I am a very experienced wedding photographer. Weddings are my passion because i think it's very special and unique experience to capture memories that will stay there forever.

I was trained and worked with one of the most know wedding photographers in Greece for more than three years. Check his bio here (http://dimitrisandritsos.com/about/)

I live in Denmark three years now and i've been working as a photographer since i came here, the weddings are totaly diferent here than in Greece, the photographer has to adapt and be productive in a very short period of time ( 2-6 hours ), i've found ways to capture every moment inside that time frame. You are in good hands.

For any question don't hesitate contacting me, i answer every question in 24h or less.


What else i do

Through my career as a photographer i've worked in many fields of photography, started as a fashion photographer and worked for several big fashion brands, then portraits became my passion, through a cooperation i did with the best wedding - portrait photographer in Greece in 2014 i fell in love with wedding photograhy and since then i am capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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